Saturday, December 31, 2011

Her Hair is Harlow Gold

Currently in love with an Italian fashion label called Krizia. For this spring and summer 2012, Krizia presents sort of a neutral look with a hint of citrus colors or an eclectic shade of pink. All the pieces were dominated with either black, white, grey or brown accompanied with a little dash of green, yellow, or pink-ish salmon.

I think this collection is a perfection. The long pieces were all flowy, the short ones were all fitted perfectly, and some of the tops has a picture of an amazing black panther. And you can see this collection is sort of influenced by the Japanese fashion because there are some pieces that was completed with an obi.

What I really love about this collection is the eye catching hair and make up of the models. The make up were neutral, except the amazing shade of gold eyeshadow. And I am totally head over heels in love with the hair! A neat and curly ponytail with gold leafs. (Which is sort of a trend now, actually!)
You can see the entire collection here.
Krizia: SS 2012

Ciao 2011, Hello 2012!

May 2012 be a great, adventurous, productive, happy, positive, and unforgettable year! Let's all say goodbye to 2011 and let all the regrets that happened in this past wonderful 12 months behind and give a warm welcome to the new months.

2011 was sort of like a roller coaster ride for me. Everything has highs and lows, and I got to experience the both of them this past one year. I can't say I love 2011, and I can't say that I hate 2011. 2011 definitely changed almost everything in my life. There are some happy moments and there are also some moments that I don't really want to remember anymore. 

And of course, I have some regrets. Don't regret because at that time it was exactly what you wanted, or what you chose. There are so many paths/options/ways/choices, but maybe we chose the wrong one. But, we can always learn from our own mistakes! ;) So let's just forget the bitter memories and reminisce the sweet ones & clear all negative feelings and make room for the positives.

Almost everyone I know made some sort of a resolution for 2012, so I decided to make one of my own. (I'm not good at making stuff like this, so let's just see hehe :p)
  1. Pray more.
  2. Eat more.
  3. Take risks.
  4. Be optimistic.
  5. Try new things.
  6. Be brave.
  7. Be more productive.
  8. Don't waste time.
  9. Get good grades.
  10. Travel more.
  11. Save more money.
  12. Spend less.
  13. Make more friends.
  14. Spend more time outdoors.
  15. Make my parents proud.
  16. Be happy.
So, happy new years everyone! Hope you have a wonderful year!
P.S: Yep, I'm not going anywhere for this new year eve :(

Friday, December 30, 2011


My cousins just came home from Hong Kong yesterday, and they got me lots of candies to munch on. So I spent this rainy Friday eating all of them in front of the computer accompanied with the December/January 2012 issue of Teen Vogue. I really love this issue, because Chloe Grace Moretz is on the cover PLUS! there's a sample of Britney Spears' Fantasy & Radiance and Justin Bieber's Someday. You can say i'm sort of inspired by those candies because today I painted my nails with red, pink, and light blue Laffy Taffy nail polishes which smells like cherry, strawberry, and blue raspberry flavored Laffy Taffy! Should I make an appointment with my dentist now? :p

It's Kind of a Funny Story

One of my favorite movie ever! Such a great storyline and definitely taught me how special everybody's life is, and believe it or not after I watched this my perception about everything has changed since then :-) 

Thursday, December 29, 2011


Christopher Kane's 2012 Resort is obviously came straight out of an amazing and limitless imagination with a little dash of an 80's vibe. The rainbows, metallic silvers and pinks, pitch black, vibrant colors, and animal prints totally represents Mr. Kane's trademark. I never seen such bold things combined and works together perfectly. My favorite piece of this collection is the silver dress with a rainbow detail. Christopher Kane definietly brought back the colorful style which is in these past few years have sort of faded.

Pictures are all from Vogue.
Christopher Kane: Resort 2012

Melanie Authier

I just found one of her work floating on my dashboard on Tumblr about fifteen minutes ago, and now I am absolutely in love with her paintings.
The genius behind all those beautiful paintings, Melanie Authier.


It has been such a productive day today. Had a "meeting" (lol) today with I and A, such a pity N couldn't make it! And we played around with some satin black and white polka dot material, the results?
Alcea Rosea's "Chica". If you don't know yet, Alcea Rosea is a clothing line that me, A, I, and N made earlier this year. Go ahead and check out our website! :-)
P.S: That's not me! That's A.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Ms. Prinsloo & Mr. Strachan

They're seriously the cutest couple ever! ♡ 

100 Minutes of Afternoon with Moschino

I was sooooooooooooo extremely lucky because I got an invitation to the 100 Minutes of Afternoon with Moschino on Thursday, 17 November 2011 at Rumah Imam Bondjol Function House, Menteng. And yes that was my first ever fashion show! (Let's just hope I get another chance to watch another fashion show!) I was very thrilled and couldn't stop thinking about it. It was on Thursday so it is a school day, so right after school I directly went to the fashion show.

When we walked into the room, there was a huge white sign that says Moschino. So I sat down and watched the beautiful models walking up and down the runway. It was the Pre-Fall 2011 Collection. The color scheme was mostly red, black, cream, and white. The patterns and details was mostly flowers. My favorite piece is the red dress that has a sort of a cut out thing in the front.

After that we went upstairs where the "pop up shop" was held. There was the Moschino Cheap and Chic collection plus there is also some pieces by Emilio Pucci. In the pop up shop my favorite piece is the "Ciao" black flats! It is absolutely adorable!

P.S: Sorry about the quality of the photos, I took it with my handphone camera! :p


Went to the mall to meet one of my best friend who has been living in Australia for months. And then we watched Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows, it's a great movie and I have to say the storyline was great, but the sad thing is that because we are sort of late, we got the last front row tickets. Not like a fashion show, sitting in the front row in the cinemas are definitely not great, you have to look up to see the movie for the entire two hours! But it has been an awesome day, especially meeting my best friend again who I haven't seen in months.
H&M bag, Picnic long sleeved batwing shirt, and Pull & Bear blue jeans.

Miss Marc

A few months ago I painted a smaller version of Miss Marc by Marc Jacobs towel. It's sort of different though. Here's the towel:
And here's my painting!
Painted on a 60 x 60 canvas with oil paint.


Rachel Rutt for Urban Outfitters

Mood Book

Got a brand new notebook a couple of weeks ago, and still trying to figure out what to do with it. intentionally I bought it for sketching and stuff (especially sketching models), but then after a few tries, I realized that my drawings are, well, isn't really what you can call a "good one". And then I turned this book as my personal mood board, but in this case, it is much smaller. A mood-book? For those of you who are not familiar with the word "mood board", it is a board (well, obviously) that you decorate or stick with pictures or words that inspires you. So then I filled some pages with pictures that I put them together and turn it into a collage. 
 Inspired by Twenty Seven Names.
Inspired by Rachel Rutt, Australia's "It" girl at the moment.
And last but certainly not least, inspired by Alexa Chung.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Twenty-Seven Names, a clothing line from New Zealand, created a collection which is named "Twelve" for SS 2010/2011 was absolutely stunning and instantly caught my eye. Let's just say this might be my favorite collection ever, yet. Before I saw clearly and paid attention to every details, I didn't really get the whole "Twelve" thing. But, if you look closely, there are total 12 models who were modeling for this "Twelve" collection.  But I'm not really sure though about the meaning of "Twelve" exactly. The 12 models and the meaning of "Twelve" that I said was just my curiosity. 
The collection was a combination between sweetness, innocence, and sort of hippie. I think the combination of different colored chiffon in one piece was absolutely a genius idea! The baggy hands definitely completed the sort of a lace-y dress. Here are some of my favorite pieces in the collection:

Plus, check out this "Twenty" stop motion video:
Twenty-Seven Names: SS 2010/2011