Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Twenty-Seven Names, a clothing line from New Zealand, created a collection which is named "Twelve" for SS 2010/2011 was absolutely stunning and instantly caught my eye. Let's just say this might be my favorite collection ever, yet. Before I saw clearly and paid attention to every details, I didn't really get the whole "Twelve" thing. But, if you look closely, there are total 12 models who were modeling for this "Twelve" collection.  But I'm not really sure though about the meaning of "Twelve" exactly. The 12 models and the meaning of "Twelve" that I said was just my curiosity. 
The collection was a combination between sweetness, innocence, and sort of hippie. I think the combination of different colored chiffon in one piece was absolutely a genius idea! The baggy hands definitely completed the sort of a lace-y dress. Here are some of my favorite pieces in the collection:

Plus, check out this "Twenty" stop motion video:
Twenty-Seven Names: SS 2010/2011

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