Saturday, December 31, 2011

Ciao 2011, Hello 2012!

May 2012 be a great, adventurous, productive, happy, positive, and unforgettable year! Let's all say goodbye to 2011 and let all the regrets that happened in this past wonderful 12 months behind and give a warm welcome to the new months.

2011 was sort of like a roller coaster ride for me. Everything has highs and lows, and I got to experience the both of them this past one year. I can't say I love 2011, and I can't say that I hate 2011. 2011 definitely changed almost everything in my life. There are some happy moments and there are also some moments that I don't really want to remember anymore. 

And of course, I have some regrets. Don't regret because at that time it was exactly what you wanted, or what you chose. There are so many paths/options/ways/choices, but maybe we chose the wrong one. But, we can always learn from our own mistakes! ;) So let's just forget the bitter memories and reminisce the sweet ones & clear all negative feelings and make room for the positives.

Almost everyone I know made some sort of a resolution for 2012, so I decided to make one of my own. (I'm not good at making stuff like this, so let's just see hehe :p)
  1. Pray more.
  2. Eat more.
  3. Take risks.
  4. Be optimistic.
  5. Try new things.
  6. Be brave.
  7. Be more productive.
  8. Don't waste time.
  9. Get good grades.
  10. Travel more.
  11. Save more money.
  12. Spend less.
  13. Make more friends.
  14. Spend more time outdoors.
  15. Make my parents proud.
  16. Be happy.
So, happy new years everyone! Hope you have a wonderful year!
P.S: Yep, I'm not going anywhere for this new year eve :(

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