Saturday, December 31, 2011

Her Hair is Harlow Gold

Currently in love with an Italian fashion label called Krizia. For this spring and summer 2012, Krizia presents sort of a neutral look with a hint of citrus colors or an eclectic shade of pink. All the pieces were dominated with either black, white, grey or brown accompanied with a little dash of green, yellow, or pink-ish salmon.

I think this collection is a perfection. The long pieces were all flowy, the short ones were all fitted perfectly, and some of the tops has a picture of an amazing black panther. And you can see this collection is sort of influenced by the Japanese fashion because there are some pieces that was completed with an obi.

What I really love about this collection is the eye catching hair and make up of the models. The make up were neutral, except the amazing shade of gold eyeshadow. And I am totally head over heels in love with the hair! A neat and curly ponytail with gold leafs. (Which is sort of a trend now, actually!)
You can see the entire collection here.
Krizia: SS 2012

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