Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Window Shopping

Went to Picnic's shop last Sunday (Yep I know it's a tad late for me to post about it, but I've been so busy and my internet's connection is slower than a snail), didn't buy anything though, but I found lots of really awesome stuffs in there!
The skirts on the "sale" rack.
The other skirts.
AAAAAAAA ISN'T THIS JUST THE MOST EPIC THING EVER? and it is really really light! 
And last but certainly not least...
TA-DAAAAAA! Yeah, my jaw dropped too when I saw this! This is absolutely amazing! But too bad I didn't get a chance to try it on! (lol I can picture myself falling down hundreds of time if I'm wearing this). Anddd I'm thinking of buying the one with a grey fringe in the front, I'm not really sure though if I'm going to wear it after buying it, maybe that's a little too much for me? Well, I'm still thinking though, but I must say that those shoes are absolutely adorable, and plus, the price is considered affordable for shoes like that!

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