Thursday, April 12, 2012

Metallic Holographic

So these past few months I've noticed the silver metallic nail polish trend around the internet. And yes I do think those are absolutely unique and stuff but then I realize that they're not really nail polishes, they're stickers, which are sort of hard to put on for people who only wears nail polish on special occasions or for those who don't wear nail polishes everyday, like me. And some people thought of an amazing idea which is by using only the aluminum foil from the kitchen and sort of stick them on top of your nails with glue. I'm thinking of trying that but I'm sort of a person who can get easily frustrated if things are going wrong, and I know for sure that if I try it, it will be very very verrrrry messy. Haven't tried it though, well let's just see if I'm done, I'll post a picture later.

But theeeeen, I saw another trend, which is in my opinion waaaay rad and unique than the metallic trend. People call them holographic nails. Or some people call them kaleidoscope nails. And it's a nail polish, so it is obviously easier to apply (Though it is still hard for me, because I'm one of those people who can't put on a nail polish on the right hand's nails). I've researched some good brands that sells these kinds of polish, but in my opinion the best one is Chanel's.

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