Friday, November 9, 2012


Super sorry for the lack of posts, it's cause I'm either too tired or too lazy to do so. There are loads and loads of things going on at school and at home. The last time I posted something on this blog was on September, which is about two months ago, which means that I've missed the monthly-current-obsession-thingy two months in a row.

I've been focusing on school lately since I'm eager to get good grades this year, I've been going to softball practice every Tuesday after school until five-ish, I've been organizing my desktop because there's literally more than two thousand things all jammed up in eleven messy folders in which contains all my things from the first time I got this computer, I've been reading a lot and I am currently reading To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee for my English assignment, I've been streaming movies such as Moonrise Kingdom or 10 Things I Hate About You, I've been writing up the things that are going on with my life on my trusty journal, and I've been feeling the cliché emotional roller coaster that cliché teenagers have to deal on their cliché lives. But I'm currently on top, so I am both happy and I feel somewhat balanced. And because I'm absolutely too lazy to explain the details, here's a few pictures I took.

 Pameran Jati, Elcanna Gallery.

 Mom's homemade cinnamon roll with whipped cream cheese.

 The perks of going to your cousin's house.

 Issue 59.

 The softball team.

 A drawing of Olivia in the 1968's Romeo and Juliet adaptation.

 Inspired by Rainbow Dash and Diana Rikasari.

 Issue 58.

All of the pictures above are from my Instagram, @dhiragasanmata. Follow me and I'll follow you back!

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