Wednesday, July 3, 2013

What I've Been Up To: June 2013

Went to Colette & Lola, a really cute bakery in Senopati, with my mom and Alize. // The first few days of my school holiday, which started on the 14th of June, I spent staying inside. And eventually drew Cara Delevingne.

Starbucks around Puncak // Itang Yunasz closed Jakarta Islamic Fashion Week 2013

So, like I said above, my holiday started on the 14th of June. Didn't really had any plans to go this summer, but it has been kind of great actually. Spent this summer indoors (HA), from mall to mall, shops to shops, restaurants to restaurants, house to house. The opposite of last year's summer, which I got about three months worth of vacation, went to Bali for about a week. In Bali last year, I spent loads of time at the beach, went to Ubud, and also went to a birdpark and a zoo. Though 1/4 of it I spent lying in my hotel room being sick.

A few days ago I went to Puncak with my family, and the traffic was horrid. Took us about six hours or so to get there. There's this villa that my grandma's-sister's-husband owns, and my family usually stay there for a night and just hang out. My family is really close, so everyone from my grandma's older sister's family until my grandma's youngest sister's family was there. By family I mean their husbands, their kids, and their granddaughters and grandsons (including me!). When we got there it was almost midnight, but the karaoke was still on and everybody was literally dancing. Then one of my aunt thought it would be fun to have games and stuffs, and since the almost all my cousins were there, especially the big kids, it was a lot of fun and had lots of laughs. We went home at about 1 AM, stopped at Starbucks, and got home at about 3 AM.

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