Friday, September 27, 2013

Massive LUSH Haul

Posted this about two months ago on Felice, then I figured might as well post it here too. (P.S. I'm currently waiting for my other LUSH products, since my Aunt is currently in UK, though I'm not really sure what she'll get me, I only said I wanted some things from LUSH, keeping my fingers crossed!)

Since there isn't any LUSH shops here in Jakarta (Though they used to have one in Plaza Senayan if I'm not mistaken), I went to a LUSH shop in Wisma Atria when I went to Singapore last July. I've been reading lots and watching lots of videos and stuff of bloggers or beauty gurus blab about their favorite LUSH products, and honestly I'm one of those kind of people who's really curious about a certain rave that's going on, especially the Snow Fairy Limited Edition Shower Gel, which sadly I didn't get my hands on.

The things that were on top of my shopping list for LUSH:
  1. No Drought Dry Shampoo; (You can see I've been wanting one since last year, which I featured on my April 2012 "Current Obsession.)
  2. Snow Fairy Limited Edition Shower Gell;
  3. Bath Bombs. (No specific ones, was planning to sniff every single one and decide there.)

The things I ended up buying, in total with my mom and sister's stuffs:
  1. No Drought Dry Shampoo; (HA. Finally. Smells fresh, and really easy to use. Perfect for one of those wash-or-not-wash kind of days. Put it on your hair, massage a little, then I usually finish by brushing to get the excess powder off.)
  2. Honey I Washed The Kids Soap; (They told me it was one of the best sellers there. The smell is so yummy and really really honey-ish if that even make sense. Very moisturizing and leaves your skin really soft. Plus the scent lingers all day long on your skin, AND bathroom. Update: Mine is now the size of my thumb!)
  3. Easter Egg Hunt Soap; (The kind of soap that smells like food and you literally just want to bite it. Not quite a big fan of this, though I got to say it's perfect for one of those rainy cold days when you just want a really nice cozy shower.)
  4. Whoosh Shower Jelly; (Was quite fun to use since it's basically like taking a glob of Jell-O to shower. Perfect when you just need a little wake-me-up in the morning.)
  5. Sea Spray; (Says to freshen up your hair or something. Basically holds your hair after you are done blow drying or styling it.)
  6. Dirty Body Spray; (Smells really fresh and minty.)
  7. Imogen Rose Solid Perfume; (Absolutely love this thing, since I love roses. But there wasn't really much of a perfume itself on the bottle thing-a-ma-jig.)
  8. Emotional Brilliance Lipstick in Glamorous. (Can be used for the lips, cheeks, and eyes. The color was absolutely stunning but at the same time is really subtle. Works really well for the lips, I usually just dab once on the upper and lower lip and smear it with my finger. All set.)

Then for my birthday this year, Indi got me:
  1. Think Pink Bath Bomb; (Contains tonka, vanilla, lavender, and loads of more ingredients from heaven that made this bath bomb smells really girly. Plus, it'll make your whole tub pink!)
  2. Space Girl Bath Bomb; (Can't quite explain how this bath bomb smells like, but it is the mix of bergamot oil, almond oil, and last but not least grapefruit oil. Perfect for when you just need to get out of this planet.)
  3. Phoenix Rising Bath Bomb; (Specially made for one of those cold and rainy days, when you just want to soak up in a really warm cinnamon scent.)
  4. Popcorn Lip Scrub; (Exfoliates really well and will leave your lips really smooth and naturally pink. And the best part is, it tastes like salted caramel!)

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