Monday, September 30, 2013

September 2013 Favorites

Decided to sort of list down my favorite things of each month, including clothing, beauty, and some random stuffs. And it is a little like my "Current Obsession" thing-y, but the difference is that I actually own these favorites and have been loving them, not like what's on my "Current Obsession", which I just drool over my computer screen and staring at the prices of each items which is absolutely expensive!

So to start the "Monthly Favorites"..

  1. LUSH Popcorn Lip Scrub; (Already wrote about this baby in the LUSH Haul post.)
  2. Maybelline Color Bloom in Pink Blossom; (Sort of a lip balm, which obviously moisturizes your lips, but there's pigment in it so it's a lip tint too. There were two shades, the first one was the pink one that I got which is called Pink Blossom, and the other being a reddish peachy shade but I forgot what's it called. And it last for a really long time, I've had mine since about a few months ago and I haven't used it all. You just swipe once or twice on your lips, and it'll leave your lips natural pink for the whole day! Seriously just one swipe will do the trick, you can put a lot more if you want that really really really really pink stain on your lips.)
  3. Topshop BB Cream; (I got mine in Singapore, since they don't have the Topshop make-up line here in Jakarta, works and blends really well!)
  4. Dove Nutritive Therapy Nourishing Oil Care Nutri-Oil Serum; (Been wanting to get my hands on those Moroccan Oils, but can't seem to find them anywhere, then I tried this, basically works like how Moroccan Oils are supposed to do. It says to restore smoothness, softness, and shine. Plus it makes my hair far far far less frizzy! AND it is also not that expensive, and you can get them basically anywhere cause they're not that hard to find. Definitely gonna re-purchase it!)
  5. The 100 by Kass Morgan; (Bought it four days ago, and finished it the exact same day I bought it. It wasn't my intention to buy a book, but I was wondering around and then I read the summary on the back of the book, and then I instantly fell in love with the whole plot. Set after the fictional nuclear war that destroyed the Earth, but some people managed to get on a really big ship to outer space and live there. Much like Wall-E, if I do say so myself. Then there's like a hundred people, who got sent to Earth to sort of check if it's safe yet to come home. Told by four characters, who are connected with one another. And I'm a sucker for its hopeless romantic storyline. Lended mine to Indi today!)
  6. Koi Coloring Brush Pens; (AAAAA you can see how obsessed I am with these. I actually spent a lot of my money to buy them, since I just can't get enough of them basically.)

Left to right: Dove Nutritive Therapy Nourishing Oil Care Nutri-Oil Serum, Topshop BB Cream, LUSH Popcorn Lip Scrub, Maybelline Color Bloom. (Minus the Koi Coloring Brush Pens and The 100, which is with Indi at the moment.)

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