Monday, October 14, 2013


#TeamFelice t-shirt, Pull&Bear jeans, unbranded mary-jane platform I got from Singapore which I absolutely love so much, and my trusty Cotton On bag.

I went to the brand new H&M last Saturday, and the place was absolutely packed. Literally, you couldn't even browse peacefully without any other people pushing you around and such. I was going to look for a black dress or whatever, to wear next Saturday, which is Ifa and Aisyah's birthday, but I didn't really find the perfect one. Though I managed to try on two dresses, and both of the prices were actually quite alright I guess, but I ended up walking out empty handed. Though there were loads of things that caught my eye, but my priority is looking for something to wear next Saturday. (Ha! Congrats, Dhira. You didn't spend any of your money!) Then I went to Sky Avenue at about seven, met loads of my friends and such. Was planning on to stay and watch throughout the whole show, but unfortunately it started to rain heavily. So this is kind of a late post, but that's my outfit that day!

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