Tuesday, January 21, 2014


Went to Artphoria and saw Diela Maharanie's amazing works.

Cotton On white t-shirt, Forever 21 blue jeans.


Happy new year everyone! Better late than never rightttt so basically there are loads of stuffs that I wrote down as my so-called-new-year-2013-resolution which I probably done some of them and I forgot the rest of it. (Ha.)

What I did?
I prayed more, ate more, exercised more, hung out more, got a little more productive than the year before, and basically 2013 wasn't that bad for me. I mean I know almost everyone hates 2013, I don't even know why, but for me 2013 was sort of great. There were a few ups and downs, obviously, and yes I did sort of gave up but I did got back up. A few times actually! But I'm very blessed to be surrounded with the people I love who basically are the reason why I'm happy most of the time in 2013.

What I didn't do?
All I can say is I spent many moments of 2013 being sad and/or unhappy, but then again I realized that the situation that made me like that didn't really matter, so the thing is that I spent loads of time thinking about and worrying about the things that doesn't even matter, which eventually made me forget about the more important things and the things that truly makes me happy.

What I learned?
I learned that anything can go wrong in a blink of an eye, people change, things change, and the most important thing, you change. What matters the most is the things that makes you happy, I'm gonna say YOLO but I don't really want to sound like a douche for saying that, so basically you can never please everyone. Live your life the way you want to live, make mistakes, take risks, and literally, the most important thing that I learned is that find happiness in the littlest and simplest things and make every moment the best of it.

Hope this year is going to turn out even greater than the year before, and may all of you have a happy new year!


Sort of a "Christmas" dinner with the whole family, even though we don't celebrate Christmas, I just love the whole feeling of it anddddd who doesn't love a restaurant with rad interior like JJ Royal Bistro.

Unbranded boxy grey t-shirt, Zara boyfriend jeans, unbranded mary-jane platforms, Cotton On matte black chain necklace.

(And I haven't posted in ages! So I'm basically going to post the stuffs that I did December-Jan.)