Saturday, April 11, 2015

Last Days of High School

Getting closer to the national exam, which is literally TOMORROW ha. After that, then I'm basically done, but my graduation's in June. It's crazy how time flies, I know it sounds cliché but there's no denying it, it does. I've spent two years of kindergarten, six years of elementary, three years of middle school, and three years of high school all in the same school. So you could probably can imagine how sad I am about leaving, well I'm happy and excited about college, but deep down I just kinda want to pause everything and just live the moment, the last moments with the people who've been practically growing up with me since fourteen years ago when we were really tiny up until now, about to go on different paths. Didn't mean to write this post the sad-ish type though but just couldn't help it. I really dread my graduation cause for sure I'd be bawling my eyes out and trying to hug as many as people as I can. I mean of course I'd still get to see them after we graduated, but it'll be so much different. Everyday I wake up, go to school, meet all of the people I've been laughing with everyday of my life, go home, sleep. (I did purposely excluded study HA). We'll get busy, we'll have different schedules, we'll have different friends, different universities, different everything. What's hard for me is that I find such an unexplainable comfort in all of the loving people around me right now, and I guess those people really do bring out the best in me as a person, and i just feel like everything is perfectly okay when I'm with them. Knowing that I won't be seeing them daily in a few months kind of scares me but at the same time excited for them finally getting a step closer to their dreams. 

I'm actually not gonna be moving city-wise, because my future university is right here in Jakarta, and I've actually have been accepted late last year. I'm taking Graphic Design and New Media in a double-degree program, which means hopefully I'll be leaving to the United Kingdom, specifically in Newcastle upon Tyne, in my last year. But I'll be here for the next three years, along with some of my friends who's planning to go colleges that's in town as well. Have to admit kinda, well, really sad about knowing that I won't be seeing the best people in my life as much as I am now but as I've said before, I'm really happy for them and I'll be supporting them no matter what.

Gonna leave for Bali for seven days in about a week with my friends which is probably the last trip before going off to college. Really really really excited for the trip! I've even have kinda packed some of my clothes and all just because I'm really looking forward to the trip and want to get those exams over with already. After Bali then we'd be free, well I'd be free, since I've got into a university already and some of my friends are still gonna be studying for tests to get into different universities. My plan is I'm gonna finish up my first ever apparel collection of DEAR and work on NurZahra for a bit. Then prom's on the 20th of May, which is about a month from now. Then as I said before, graduation's in June, which is only two months away. Anyway here's some pictures of the last days of high school!

Definitely the best three years of my life so far.