Friday, January 20, 2017


The last time I posted was two years ago and I could probably write a book about all the things that has happened on the span of that two surprisingly short years. Is it just me or when you look at a year in overview it seemed like it was just a little hiccup but you do actually remember each and every little precious moments that you have encountered if you look closely? That's what I felt. And I also did not post a single thing literally for the whole of 2016. There was Bali and music festivals and impromptu date nights with G and amazing things that would have been great to write about here. I could probably say 2016 was kinda the best year of my life, lots of adventures, a massive amount of time spent laughing, loved a lot, and spent the entire year being surrounded by the people that I would do anything for.

And so I woke up today and told Mimi about how much I was obsessing over the Korean 10-step skincare routine which was entirely Rara and Hira's fault. I told her I got Kayla and Luna into it and then she told me why didn't I write a blog post about it to share with the others out there and it suddenly occurred to me that I knew that I have been wanting to start blogging again but I have always managed to find excuses to do so.

Okay, let's do this again. This is me, Dhira. I'm now nineteen and this is my last year of being an adolescence. Wanting to start blogging again for me to look back to, treasure my adventures and memories, sharing with others, and inspiring others. It's 2:51 PM and I'm eating the DairyQueen triple cheese dog for my late lunch. 100% sure nobody reads this blog anymore but, welcome back!